Car Wash Filters

The VVF filter is installed in Merlin Car Auctions Ireland and has proven to be very successful . The water after washing is pumped into a holding tank and allowed to settle, the heavy solids being retained in the tank and removed when required. The oil and grease is retained in an oil trap and can be removed as required or automated for the removal of the oil. The used water is then filtered through a VVF filter and recycled giving a closed loop system. The only additional water required is to replace water loss during the washing process. All vehicles sold in the auction rooms are pre-washed before sale, giving a very high through put.

Printing Web Offset

A VVF Unit  was installed in conjunction with a pre-filtering unit on a Rotoman web offset press in the Netherlands. The unit is a fully automated closed loop water purification system. This keeps the water in the printing press clean removing all debris accumulated during the printing process.  It also enables the water additives to stay constant giving a regular pH and conductivity reading.  It has been found that savings on the disposal of waste industrial water and filter bags used on the press have been substantial. The working environment has also improved with the cleanliness of the water system on the press.