Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Desalinised water is required on offshore oil and gas platforms and Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) systems, for portable water and various production processes. Due to the limited footprint available on these platforms and FPSO’s, the industry dictates that smaller pre-treatment solutions are required.

Pilot tests carried out on Aqua-sol’s VVF Technology confirmed,that at higher velocities the VVF Technology will reduce the silt density index (SDI) to the levels required prior to filtration by reverse osmosis (RO) systems. The ability of the VVF Technology to operate at high velocity means a reduction in vessel size, thereby reducing the overall footprint of the system, saving space and money.

The VVF Technology is currently being utilised as part of a sulphate removal system and desalination plant onboard an offshore application.