Waste water

The VVF technology is installed in a number of local authorities. In Ireland, Carlow County Council have installed the Aqua-sol VVF filter at three different water treatment sites in the county. Their resident engineer speaks about his experience and satisfaction with the installation of the Aqua-sol VVF filter for final effluent polishing.



The VVF Technology is widely used in the leisure industry for water filtration at swimming pools and spas. Poolcourt Ltd. a multi award winning and leading swimming pool contractor in Ireland promote the Aqua-sol VVF filter as their number one choice due to its superior performance over conventional filters.

The Aqua-sol filter is installed at Monart Destination Spa, which was voted ‘Runner-up Best Spa Retreat Worldwide’ by Conde Nast and featured as one of the top 10 destinations in the world by Forbes Magazine. The managing director for the hotel group tells us why he chose the Aqua-sol filter for this world leading spa destination.


The Aqua-sol filter has many applications across varying industries. An example of some installations to date include:

  • Water Filtration for the Printing Press Industry – Rotosmeets Group, Netherlands
  • Water Filtration for the Oil Distribution & Retail Industry – Tougher Oil, Ireland
  • Water Reclamation for the Motor Industry – Merlin Motor Group, Ireland

The stock manager from Merlin Motor Group speaks about the time and money saved in their business from installing the Aqua-sol filter.


  • The Weir Group Plc – Greater Plutonio Project – No 1 Off Shore, Angola
  • The Weir Group Plc – Greater Plutonio Project – No 2 Off Shore, Angola

Food & Dairy

  • Water filtration for the Fruit & Veg Prep Industry – Donnelly Food Service, Ireland