The Aqua sol VVF P series are a new range of polyester reinforced GRP filters.

The same internal Variable Velocity Filtration (VVF) technology is installed giving the new range of filters the same performance that is achieved with the use of the stainless steel units. The VVF P series range are ideal for internal use or where there is no exposure to the harsh elements. For installations exposed to the elements our 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel high resistance units are recommended.

The VVF P Series of unit range from the VVF 450p Ø up to the VVF 3000p Ø.






The Filters are available with pressure ratings of 2.5 bar, 5 bar and 7 bar, up to and including the 900p Ø unit. The large unit has a rating of 2.5 bar, 4 bar and 6 bar.

All models are variable velocity units and require a smaller foot print than any other conventional filters.


Media Range * 0.1- 0.2mm * 0.2-0.5 mm *0.5 -1.0mm The filters are suitable for use with a wide range of filter media, ie. Sand & AFM Activated media.

The Backwash requires less Backwash Water consumption (100% Back wash performance without air scour) Removes 99.2% of Cryptosporidium
(Proven by Independent Testing).

For further information on operation and potential uses please call or email:

Phone: +353 (0) 51 563535